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The Tracker Teams

Tracker’s promise to “Take Back Tomorrow” is backed by a team of highly skilled individuals with expertise in vehicle recovery, combating organised crime and trauma management.

For the past 13 years, Tracker has had a formal contract with the South African Police Service (SAPS) whereby Tracker’s recovery technology has been fitted to SAPS vehicles and aircraft around the country, giving us a national footprint and powerful infrastructure. The Tracker Recovery Team, which falls under the Operations Department, assists police with the tracking of vehicles, investigations, training and installation of equipment.

Most members of this elite team bring to Tracker substantial law enforcement experience, and many of these security professionals are experts in their field, working closely with the SAPS to bring criminals to book. In addition to assisting police with the tracking and recovery of vehicles, the team also installs and maintains the Tracker equipment in each SAPS vehicle and provides police officers with extensive training in the use of the equipment.

Our security professionals are all PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulator Authority) accredited. Teams receive extensive ongoing training in vehicle identification, Crime Scene Management, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), firearm competencies and target practice, and are fully equipped with bullet proof vests and firearms.

The recovery team is supported by an equally impressive back office, Operational Services. This department assists the police and customers with administration, liaison and investigations. A vital function of this department is crime analysis, which gives Tracker a good idea of the current crime trends, helping us stay one step ahead of the criminals. All Operational Services employees receive training in trauma and abuse management, as well as regular updates on the Criminal Procedure Act.

With this in-depth knowledge and expertise, you can rest assured that Tracker has the relevant experience to make a difference in South Africa’s vehicle crime.

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