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Why Tracker?

It’s because Tracker lives by a powerful promise to “Take back tomorrow” for all South Africans.

It’s because as your partner in striving for a better future we are making a very real difference to the country’s stolen vehicle crime statistics.

We currently protect 602 840 vehicles in South Africa, and we aim to be protecting more than a million by the end of 2012. Translated, this means that our current average monthly arrest record could climb from 100 to close on 200, depending on the state of vehicle crime in the future. We have already recovered
49 467 stolen and hijacked vehicles throughout South Africa which has led to 8 712 arrests in total.

This highly credible track record is supported by cutting edge technology – in fact, the “Tracker” brand name has become a household name in stolen vehicle recovery and vehicle monitoring in South Africa. For more than a decade, we have worked tirelessly towards our ultimate goal: to create a safer South Africa for all of us.

Through our unique and highly successful public-private partnership with the South African Police Service, we are uniting law abiding South Africans with the SAPS, and this collaborative effort is helping to drive down crime in our country.

Benefits of Tracker

  • Tracker enjoys a unique partnership with the South African Police Service (SAPS), which operates on a nationwide basis in South Africa.
  • Tracker provides the SAPS with an effective, internationally-proven weapon in the war against vehicle crime.
  • Tracker is the only fully comprehensive stolen vehicle recovery system used in conjunction with the SAPS.
  • Tracker has achieved 49 467 vehicle recoveries in just over thirteen years including 8 712 arrests. It has also shut down 333 chop-shops and crime syndicates.
  • The tracking unit can only be activated or deactivated by Tracker’s Secure Operating Centre.
  • Tracker has made more recoveries and assisted in more arrests than any other tracking company.
  • Tracker has the largest recovery fleet.
  • Tracker is suitable for all vehicles and approved by motor manufacturers.
  • Tracker is one of the most affordable systems available on the market.
  • Tracker is one of the fastest growing systems, with more than 10 000 units being installed every month.
  • When you install Tracker, you could qualify for a substantial discount on your insurance premiums or an incentive from your insurance company.
  • Tracker's network covers almost 99% of South Africa's population.
  • Tracker has some 1 300 vehicles and 50 aircraft in its arsenal.

More reasons to consider Tracker

Here are a dozen quick-fire reasons why we believe Tracker has both the credentials, the capability and the track record to protect your fleet:

  • Invented the industry – Tracker’s technology brought mainstream vehicle tracking to the world in the United States in 1986.
  • Most recoveries in the world – Tracker’s technology has recovered almost 300 000 stolen and hijacked vehicles throughout the world. In South Africa alone, Tracker has recovered 49 467 vehicles in only 13 years.
  • Global power – Tracker frequently exchanges information with partners in crime-ravaged countries such as Columbia, Brazil, Russia and Mexico to ensure that our technology remains one step ahead of the world’s most sophisticated vehicle crime syndicates.
  • National installation network – In addition to a network of Tracker-approved fitment centres throughout the country, Tracker offers clients mobile installations at a time and place convenient to the customer.
  • Established track record with insurers – Tracker has earned the respect of all major insurance companies, many of whom offer discounted premiums to customers whose vehicles are protected by Tracker.
  • Extended recovery capabilities - Tracker has recovery capabilities in Mozambique, Swaziland and Lesotho – the latter of which boasted a recovery rate of 100% for almost a decade.



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