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Tracker ExecuFleet - view brochure

Tracker ExecuFleet is a unique offering, tailor-made for companies that require the highest exacting standards of vehicle and operational information. The system includes unlimited advanced Tracker ExecuFleet web access and optional command centre software for corporate clients, giving full vehicle control and operations asset management.

Tracker ExecuFleet is approved by major insurers and motor manufacturers with capabilities in neighbouring countries such as Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique.

With Tracker ExecuFleet, everyone benefits

From the Managing Director to your clients, Tracker ExecuFleet offers benefit to everyone:

  • Managing director
    Tracker ExecuFleet increases productivity, improves customer service and reduces accidents through driver monitoring and accountability.
  • Financial director
    Tracker ExecuFleet’s accurate records give companies a clear picture of their operating costs. Besides the administrative convenience, the system can lower running costs by reducing labour, fuel, maintenance and insurance premiums, as well as communication and clerical costs.
  • Sales and marketing
    Tracker ExecuFleet puts a company in total control of its workforce; encouraging improved service, a more productive working environment, effective territory management and inspiring greater customer confidence.
  • Customer services
    Tracker ExecuFleet improves scheduling and driver productivity by keeping you and your client informed at all times of the location of cargo vehicles, with access to accurate proof of service reports.
  • Fleet manager
    Tracker ExecuFleet makes it possible to dispatch the nearest vehicle to the client, thus reducing logistical costs, improving customer service, and allowing for better route planning and vehicle maintenance.
  • Drivers
    Tracker ExecuFleet significantly increases the safety of fleet drivers, giving them the benefit of detailed route planning, proof of service and reduced administration burdens.
  • Human resources manager
    Tracker ExecuFleet monitors working hours accurately and makes it easier to plan staffing requirements.

How does it work?

With its many advanced product features, Tracker ExecuFleet is specifically designed with your Fleet as its top priority.

  • Tracker ExecuFleet is always active as it communicates with our Secure Operating Centre every two to three minutes. In the event of an emergency, the reporting frequency of the device can be increased.
  • Tracker ExecuFleet operates with Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology, which means that we can locate your vehicle within an accuracy range of just five meters.
  • Tracker ExecuFleet automatically provides an advance warning notification to Tracker’s Secure Operating Centre if the vehicle moves with the ignition off or if the power supply to the device is interrupted.
  • Tracker ExecuFleet comes with an optional assist button that allows you to request remote assistance. Tracker ExecuFleet is web-based so you can locate your vehicles online, any time you want, at no additional cost.
  • Tracker ExecuFleet provides a report on your vehicle trips, a valuable tool for motor insurance and business mileage claims.


Only our specially trained technicians are authorised to perform installations, with each technician undergoing regular security screening to ensure maximum safety of your fleet.

The system installation is done by our mobile team or at one of our fitment centres. All installations are coordinated by our fitment control centre for your convenience.

Advanced corporate fleet security and management

Tracker ExecuFleet is ideally suited for companies with:

  • An existing internal network infrastructure.
  • A constant, high-speed Internet connection (ADSL or Diginet).
  • Proactive fleet management staff.

What sets ExecuFleet apart from other products?

  • An optional voice kit can be installed into fleet vehicles allowing for convenient communication with drivers. A “Please Call Me” button in the vehicle enables drivers to notify specified parties via the ExecuFleet workstation when they wish to be contacted. No calls are made from the vehicle.
  • Vehicle trips are managed remotely and in real-time for immediate awareness of route deviations and multiple routes can be attached to multiple vehicles at the click of a button.
  • Recall historical and near real-time information on driver behaviour, vehicle abuse, non-adherence to schedules and routes, unauthorised stops and unnecessary overtime. This helps limit risk and abuse.
  • Unlimited historical information playback, invaluable for training and investigative purposes.
  • Set up notifications to cell numbers and e-mail addresses for specific real time events.
  • Audit trail for each operator.
  • Compile multiple reports for fleet specific requirements.
  • Site visit reports for all vehicles reporting to specific workstations.
  • Access information which enables clients to improve service by scheduling of expected delivery times, call times on sites, arrival times, etc.
  • Driver monitoring increases productivity, improves customer service and reduces accidents, promoting enhanced driver accountability.
  • Reports to manage road speeding fines
  • Improve service delivery and driver productivity with ExecuFleet by staying informed at all times of the location of your drivers with access to reports.

Optional accessories

  • Fuel module - monitor fuel levels in your vehicle remotely.
  • Revs module - set maximum revs for a vehicle before reporting.
  • Voice kits - Remote low-cost communication.
  • Driver ID tags, Dallas and RFID.
  • Trailer hitch and unhitch (fifth wheel mechanical switch or pneumatic switch to hydraulics).
  • Cargo door sensing.
  • Over speed buzzer for driver alert.



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