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What to do if your vehicle is stolen -

Call 0800131323

If you discover that your vehicle has been stolen, immediately contact Tracker’s 24-hour National Secure Operating Centre (0800 13 23 23) to activate the unit so the search for your vehicle can begin.

We strongly recommend that you keep this number in a safe place, possibly stored on your phone under a ‘made up’ name. Alternatively, try and memorise the number. An early response to a theft or hijacking is key to maximising the chances of a successful recovery and arrest.

Important: Once you have contacted Tracker on 0800 13 23 23, immediately (within two hours) report the theft to your nearest police station and record the case number which you then need to provide back to Tracker. Reporting a theft or a hijacking to the police is a legal requirement in South Africa.

Note: As part of Tracker’s operating procedures, you will be required to answer four legal questions before Tracker will begin the tracking process. This is to safeguard yourself and to ensure that Tracker is responding to a legitimate theft or hijacking.

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